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Whitehole Springs says

At over 15, 000 years old, Whitehole Springs are the only Tufa springs in Europe.

Tufa, a coral-like substance, is formed from the high levels of Calcium as the water flows from deep within the ancient Mendip Hills, Somerset.

The still water is soft on the tongue and slightly sweet in taste.

It is also very refreshing, just as a mineral water is expected to be.

Green credentials? Think English-sourced bottle, cap and labels, with a proportion profits dedicated to the preservation of the DEFRA approved seventy-four acre valley.


Composition in mg/litre pH (at source) 7.2 Total Dissolved Solids 332 Calcium 110 Magnesium 6 Sodium 6 Potassium 2 Bicarbonates 315 Sulphates 14 Chlorides – Nitrates 32.3 Silica –

Meet Whitehole Springs

Mendip Hills, Somerset

Whitehole Springs, as the name suggests is the source of a number of naturally occurring springs that flow through a unique rock called Tufa. The springs are located on land within the Mendip Hills, in Somerset, England and have produced a very ‘magical’ spring water for centuries. In fact, there are many stories to be told of visitors proclaiming that this is a ‘magical water’, all we know is that it tastes delicious. The current owners built a state of the art bottling plant on the site of the springs to capture its unique flavor. They have chosen only to bottle in glass as it helps retain the qualities of this very special water

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