4 Delicious Cocktail Alternatives To Pimm’s

24th May 2018

Got mates around but bored of the usual jug of Pimm’s? Spruce up your summer party with these delicious pitcher cocktails – guaranteed to please a crowd.

A twist on the usual: Somerset Pimm’s

Somerset pimms

The guys at Somerset Cider Brandy Co. make incredible cider from the 40 vintage apple varieties grown in their Somerset orchard. Half of it is set aside for distilling into their award-winning oak-matured brandy. Which, in turn, goes into their Kingston Black Apple Aperitif – the perfect base for an alternative summer Pimm’s.

Slice seasonal soft fruit, such as raspberries and strawberries, and add to a large jug along with 400ml of Kingston Black Apple Aperitif. Add the same amount of farm-pressed apple juice. Fill with lemonade or tonic water and a handful of ice. Stir and serve with a garnish of rosemary and slices of lemon.

Summer refresh: Cucumber, lemon & basil vodka cooler

Vodka cocktail

For a refreshing summer cooler, we love Our/London vodka. It’s made from British wheat and hand-bottled at their urban micro-distillery under the arches of Hackney Downs station. Try it in this sparkling concoction mixed with lemon, cucumber and basil.

Combine 350ml of Our/London Vodka, 100ml lemon juice and 100ml agave or honey in a large jug. Slice half a cucumber and 1 lemon into thin rounds, tear the leaves off a bunch of fresh basil, and add these too. Top up with sparkling water and ice. Stir and serve. For something sweet, fresh and fragrant, swap the basil and cucumber for fresh raspberries and thyme. Or for a low-cal vodka soda, swap out the agave or honey and lemon juice altogether.

English garden vibe: Gin & elderflower fizz

Gin cocktail

Gin and elderflower is a classic combination. Paired with apple and fresh mint for a classic English twist. Combine 300ml Jensen’s Gin, 160ml elderflower cordial and 400ml quality apple juice in a large jug. Thinly slice 2 apples into rounds, then add to the jug with the torn leaves from a few sprigs of fresh mint. Top up with Prosecco, stir and serve.

Sangria, but better


When it’s made right, sangria is arguably one of the best holiday drinks out there. Pour a bottle of Toscar Tempranillo into a large jug along with 400ml of Kingston Black Apple Aperitif and 500ml lemonade (we like Karma Cola’s organic lemonade). Slice 2 lemons and 1 clementine into rounds, and slice up 1 apple, and add these too. Refrigerate for at least an hour, then serve with ice.

If all else fails…

Grab a bottle of Sipsmith’s London Cup. Based on the Sipsmith gin but with the addition of lemon verbena, rose petal, cucumber and Earl Grey flavours, it’s basically posh Pimm’s – and totally delicious. The perfect punch when served with clear lemonade and garnished with lemon, orange, fresh mint and strawberries.

Not inspired? Here are 5 beautifully simple gin cocktails perfect for summer.

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