5 Easy, Fun DIY Christmas Craft Ideas That Won’t Eat Into Your Gift Budget

10th December 2017

The festive season is the perfect time make things personal. Not looking forward to dusting off your hotchpotch box of decorations? Rather than hitting the high street in a fear-of-failing-at-Christmas craft induced panic, with a little creativity it’s easy to shake up your festive decor without breaking the bank (and have some fun along the way). Have a go at our quick, inexpensive and nature-inspired ideas that are easy on the environment, make beautiful use of what’s already around you and don’t require you to be a super-crafter to impress with a personal touch.

A Foraged Wreath

What you need:

– long twigs (or a flat wire wreath ring)

– foraged evergreen leaves

– floristry wire

Create a circular base weaving long twigs together (willow works well) or alternatively buy a flat wire wreath ring. Forage for evergreen leaves, such as ivy, myrtle, eucalyptus and holly (be careful of Holly’s prickly leaves and don’t let children or pets eat its toxic berries). Use floristry wire to tie the greenery onto the ring. Repeat until the entire wreath is covered. Decorate with holly, berries or dried fruit.

Dried Fruit Garlands

What you need:

– whole oranges, apples, pears, lemons

– string

Cut oranges, apples, pears, lemons and lime into approximately 1cm thick slices. Place them directly onto an oven rack and heat at 110°C for 3 hours to dry them out. Once cooled, use a long piece of string to thread the slices onto. Tie a knot at each end and cover the string with twine or ribbon.

Natural Napkin Rings

What you need:

– napkins

– twine

– evergreen foliage

– fresh herbs

Use square linen napkins, the napkins you already have at home, or use off-cuts of material to create your own. Fold the napkin in half and roll up. Wrap twine around the middle a number of times and tie a bow. Feed evergreen leaves and classic British herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage underneath the twine to make for a fragrant addition to the dinner table.

Paired-back Candle Holders


What you need:

– empty jam jars

– tealight candles

Clean up old jam and condiment jars (or Kilner jars if you have any spare). Carefully rub over a little white spirit to remove traces of label glue from the glass. Light your tealights and carefully place inside each jar. If you wanted to jazz them up little, you could add attach a small stem of foliage to the outside of the jar with a length of cord or twine.

Hand-decorated Gift Tags

What you need:

– old christmas cards

– hole punch

– twine

– ribbon

Crafting your own gift tags are a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your lovingly wrapped gifts with the added benefit of recycling what you’ve already got. Cut out sections of old Christmas cards, pierce with a hole punch and loop through some ribbon or twine to attach to a gift. Plain luggage tags are inexpensive and ideal for dressing up with your own designs, patterns, old postage stamps and calligraphy-style writing with brush pens and metallic ink.

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