Meet FarmDrop’s Founders at the Muswell Hill FarmDrop

18th July 2014


Hi Everyone,

Ben here, one of FarmDrop’s co-founders.

If you’re interested in seeing a FarmDrop in action, we’re hosting an investor event at our Muswell Hill FarmDrop on Wednesday 23rd July for our Crowdcube campaign and would love to see you there. The team will be around to answer any questions from from 7-8pm so please register here.

And please do try out FarmDrop out as a customer at the same time. Remember, FarmDrop’s “click-to-harvest” format gives shoppers amazing fresh local food at lower prices through providing our bakers, fisherman and growers with advance orders and zero waste. So don’t miss the order deadline on Midnight Sunday. You can put your order in here.

The response this week has been overwhelming with 129 people investing £318,020 in less than a week. We never dreamt of being this close to the finish line by now so huge thanks to everyone who’s played a role.

Hope to meet you next week,

Ben & Ben, and the FarmDrop Team

ps – our favourite tweet of the week has to be the one from @QuentinCasares, a weekly shopper at Muswell Hill who also invested on Wednesday:

“just the start. Will be investing further over the next few weeks. Never seen a model I’ve believed in so much.”

Being invested in by the actual people we’re ’re building FarmDrop to use makes the whole team here even more passionate about driving the business forward … thank you all for being involved.

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