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What’s In Season: September

1st September 2021

September is the start of a new season, Autumn is on its way but if we’re lucky, summer will stay around for a little bit longer. A month that brings the best of summer with British Tomatoes and figs still plentiful it’s also the beginning of Autumnal arrivals like Squash, Venison and more. It is one of the most exciting harvest months in the calendar for fruit and vegetables and an abundance of everything from beetroot to early-season apples. 

Fruit & Vegetables


Every year the arrival of British Apples marks the start of cooler weather. Cox is an early harvest variety, a small apple with a mottled red and green skin, they’re a lunch box favourite around the country and are super sweet. You’ll also spot some Crab Apples if you’re out in the UK countryside, we source ours from wild trees across Kent. 

When are Apples in season? September to Februaryapples

How to cook Apples? These early-season apples are best eaten just as they are to really enjoy them as soon as they’re picked from the tree. You can also roast them whole, topping them with brown sugar and cinnamon or stuff the centre with shallots and a drizzle of vinegar to serve alongside roast pork or venison.



These deep purple root vegetables are ready to pull from the ground at the end of summer after spending the warmer months soaking up the sunshine. Sweet but savoury, the firm flesh turns tender with an hour roasting in a hot oven. 

When is Beetroot in season? It’s ready to harvest from the end of summer up until October.

How to cook Beetroot? Why not try our recipe for Beetroot, Whipped Goats Cheese & Mint Dip? Beetroot can also be used like carrots or courgettes in cakes, simply grate them raw and fold them through your cake batter.


British Tomatoes

Tomatoes weren’t grown in Britain until the late 19th Century when they were cultivated in greenhouses in the South of England. Each summer, half of all tomatoes bought in the country are proudly grown here. This year due to the cold spring and rainy summer, the tomatoes have taken a little longer to ripen which is a good thing now as they will be available well into September. Try the Organic Heirloom Tomatoes from the Isle of Wight to sample a mix of varieties.

When are British Tomatoes in season? June to October depending on the weather.

How to cook British Tomatoes? Hope for a heatwave and make plans to turn your tomatoes into a batch of Gazpacho.



One of the hardiest and nutritiously dense leafy greens, Kale thrives in cooler weather. You’ll find it in multiple varieties like Curly Green Kale, Red Kale and Sea Kale. An easy crop to harvest, smaller tender leaves start to sprout towards the end of summer. 

When is Kale in season? Kale is in season from September all the way through until April making it one of the best leafy greens for the winter months. 

How to cook Kale? You can eat kale raw and treat it like any salad leaf in your dishes or toss it in some olive oil and roast it on high heat for crunch kale crisps.


Late Season Plums & Damsons

The final flourish of the stone fruit season is the late-season plums and damsons. With plums in their last few weeks of the harvest, the purplish fruit will be super sweet and soft. Damsons on the other hand are a little too tart to eat raw but only have a short season and are at their best in September. Try both Red Plums, Yellow Plums and Black Plums to sample the slight difference in flavour profiles. 

When are Plums and Damsons in season? Plums are available all throughout the summer months and Damsons are only available in September and October. 

How to cook Plums and Damsons? Plums can be stewed, roasted, eaten raw or turned into endless jams. Damsons are tart so best served in something sweet like a crumble or turned into either a sweet or savoury preserve to eat on toast or with cheese. 


Green Walnuts

Picked early in the season just after the tree fruits, Green Walnuts are small and green when the nut inside is still soft. You can eat them raw but the taste isn’t best experienced that way so pickle them in spices and vinegar or simmer with sugar for a sweet jam. 

When are Green Walnuts in season? We source our Green Walnuts from Kent in September when they are small and tender. 

How to cook Green Walnuts? Try making a homemade walnut liqueur by steeping the fruit with vodka and a mix of cinnamon and vanilla. 


Radish Bunches

Full of fiery flavour, Radish Bunches are super crisp and ideal for summer salads. Grown in the ground, they’re part of the same family as horseradish, turnips and mustard. Our Radish Bunches come with their dense green leaves still attached which are also edible and pack the same peppery taste.

When are Radish Bunches in season? They’re harvested in the UK all throughout the summer and finish at the end of September with the start of cooler weather. 

How do you cook Radish Bunches? With their leafy green tops and deep pink flesh, radishes are best prepared as the French do: dipped in soft butter and sprinkled with sea salt. You can also slice them paper-thin and pickle them to enjoy through the winter. 



Early in the summer each year, Squash seedlings are planted. They grow throughout the summer and are ready for harvest by early September. The varieties of squash are endless and each has its own unique characteristics. From the bold bright orange Hokkaido Squash to the little yellow Patti Pan Squash and later in the season the popular Butternut Squash with its beige skin and sweet orange interior.

When are Squash in season? Harvest season for Squash varieties in the UK start in early September and carry on throughout the autumn months. 

How do you cook Squash? Many Squash varieties have a notoriously hard skin that’s tough to chop, once cooked through it becomes soft and tender. You can stuff and roast larger Squash whole in the oven to serve at the table or steam and mash it to add to sweet cakes. It’s a versatile vegetable that suits most types of preparation. 




In the warmer months of the year, Plaice are plentiful along the British coastline when they come closer to the shore to feed in warmer waters. A fantastic alternative to more commonly used Cod, it has a firm white flesh, mild flavour and smooth spotty skin. Our Plaice is caught by fishermen who implement sustainable practices along the Sussex coast. 

Freshly caught place about to be filleted

When are Plaice in season? When the water along the British coast is warm through to the end of September.

How do you cook Plaice? Plaice is a versatile fish to cook with and can be pan-fried in a little flour, deep-fried in a batter or steamed alongside aromatics. 


Wild Bass

A true must-have for seafood lovers is Wild Bass when it’s in season. Flaky but firm white flesh makes this fish something special and it’s loved by chefs and home cooks alike. It has good availability along the British coast in the cooler months when they’re closer to the coast. They can be up to 1.6kg in size so one fish can feed a few people.

When is Wild Bass in Season? When the water along the British coast is cooler by early September.

How do you cook Wild Bass? It’s a fish best roasted whole to make the most of this hard-to-source seafood. Roast it with thinly sliced lemon on a bed of seasonal vegetables.




We source our Venison from Park Farm, an organic estate where the deer roam free and forage on the varied landscape. Compared to other red meat, Venison is very low in fat making it a versatile ingredient to cook with. Try it instead of beef in your ragu or pair a Venison & Sloe Gin Whole Salami with your next cheeseboard.

When is Venison in season? September marks the start of Venison season in the UK where the meat is available all through the Autumn.

How do you cook Venison? Similar to other red meats, Venison suits being stewed with herbs and wine for a long time on a low heat or pan-fried quickly and left pink in the centre. 



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