When life gives you lemons (in London?)

3rd November 2014


You know the saying: When life gives you lemons, write a blog post…

That might not be the exact phrase, but picture the scene; you’ve collected your FarmDrop order and rushed home to whip up a locally-sourced delicious dinner. You reach for the fruit bowl, looking to add some fruity flavour to your seasonal salad and tasty organic tomatoes, only to realise you’ve run out of lemons.

Think the only solution is the supermarket? No need to be so bitter…

We’re here to save the day, naturally. You can now order lemons on FarmDrop! Now that’s a recipe for lemon aid.

Local lemons in London?

We know FarmDroppers love supporting local, independent producers and knowing exactly where your food comes from. We also know that there are some extra bits and pieces you could really do with to help make your order with us that little bit more all-inclusive. So we’ve worked hard to find a local importer who works directly with organic farmers.

Sandro manages the family-run Geima citrus farm, established in 1981, and has pioneered organic farming in Europe since 1992. Geima’s lemons are grown throughout the Eastern coast of Sicily, and are packed in Roccalumera, close to Mount Etna.  We’re delighted to be selling them – and some other selected seasonal citrus fruit – and can’t wait to find out what you think.

As well as being pretty essential in cooking and food prep, lemons can help purify the blood and are a great boost to the immune system – something we could all probably do with at this time of year.

Any fruity top tips to share? Are you hungry for more citrus? Tell us what else would make your order go further and we’ll see what we can find whilst we work on improving our range. 

(photo: Lovely Limes & Bitter Lemon tea towel from Howkapow)

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