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  • The Yorkshire Pasta Company

    Using locally milled wheat flow, The Yorkshire Pasta Company have studied what makes Italian pasta so great and recreated it right here to create premium quality Yorkshire pasta.

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  • BAO

    Founded by Shing Tat Chung, Erchen Chang and Wai Ting Chung, the first permanent BAO restaurant opened in Soho in April 2015. They have received critical acclaim for their cult Taiwanese steamed buns and ‘xiao chi’ small plates and now you can buy their dessert bao buns direct from Farmdrop!

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  • Allpress Espresso

    Allpress Espresso source their coffee from origin themselves or through trusted partners, and roast it on a custom built hot air roaster in Dalston. A lot of work goes into making sure their coffee tastes consistently delicious and they roast coffee for the best cafes in the world, and for your kitchen too.

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    Loddington Farm

    British Asparagus - Kent

    1 Bunch (min. 450g)



    Made by Farmdrop

    Kung Pao Cauliflower & Sticky Sesame Rice

    1 tray (~415g)



    Organic Cauliflower

    1 Head (1)


    Made by Farmdrop

    Biggie's Jerk Marinated Wood Green Chicken Legs

    1 eco pouch (~730g)


    The Tomato Stall

    Organic Mixed Tomato Family Pack

    1 Punnet (min. 1kg)



    The Tomato Stall

    Organic Cocktail Vine Tomatoes

    1 Punnet (min. 300g)




    Lechoso Chickpeas

    1 Jar (700g)




    Judion Beans (Butter Beans)

    1 Jar (700g)




    Algarda Beans

    1 Jar (720g)



    England Preserves

    Darling Damson Preserve - With Stones

    1 Jar (220g)



    Only 2 available

    England Preserves

    Gooseberry & Elderflower Preserve

    1 Jar (230g)




    Cool Wild Salad Mix

    1 Bag (min. 50)



    Fiery Wild Salad Mix

    1 Bag (min. 50g)



    Organic Sweet Potatoes

    1 Tray (min. 500g)




    Organic Butternut Squash

    1 Squash (min. 500g)



    Organic Cherries

    1 Punnet (200g)




    Nunez de Prado Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    1 Tin (1l)



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