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Farmers harvest

Your fresh food is harvested and picked to maximise taste and quality.

We deliver

We pack your order and deliver it the same day. The driver will unpack your groceries and take away any unwanted packaging.

Why we started an ethical supermarket

Why we started an ethical supermarket

It all started with a chat with a farmer. He was selling his butternut squash for £1 to a supermarket which was reselling them for £3. Ben, our founder, couldn't believe how unfair that sounded. A lover of the outdoors, he pictured his Gran's neighbours in Wiltshire, and how amazing their farm-fresh food tasted.

Could he bring this to more people? Surely, in the age of the Internet, there could be a better way to directly connect independent producers and shoppers? He quit his job and created Farmdrop in 2012 to do just that. Mixing the quality and ethics of a farmers' market with the ease and range of an online supermarket.

We won't lie, it wasn't always easy. We are still humbled by the support and patience of our customers and producers: we wouldn't be there without their trust. We're now incredibly proud to be working with more than 450 producers across the U.K., and to bring ethically-sourced products to thousands of happy customers. Care to join the adventure?

How we source

Put animals first

Every product containing meat, eggs or dairy is organic or free range, with animals allowed to express their natural instincts in a harmonious environment.

Look after the producers

We always pay our local and fresh farmers a fair price for their produce so they can farm in the most sustainable way possible.

Respect the Planet

Our farmers follow sustainable and environmentally-sound farming techniques that preserve natural resources and help to enrich the soils for healthier animals and crops.

Our Sourcing Policy

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Our Prices

Our Prices

We believe that paying a little more for high quality and nutritious food made the right way is totally worth it. Our team of food and drink buyers have spent many years researching and finding the best producers who meet our high standards for quality and sustainability. For Farmdrop, quality means more than simply flavour and freshness. It means that the food was grown in harmony with the natural environment, that the farmer who made it was paid fairly, and that the animal lived a happy life with real freedom to roam.

Our branded price match promise means that it's now easier than ever before to do your weekly shop at Farmdrop. If you find a branded product available at a lower price at Waitrose Online or Ocado then we’ll match it for you. To make a price match request, email our Customer Happiness team on [email protected] or ring them on 0203 770 9300 Monday to Sunday 7am - 9pm. Please note that the branded price match does not include service or reward-based promotions.

Our packaging policy

We use as little packaging as possible in our deliveries - if it doesn’t need packaging then we avoid it. This is what you can expect in your Farmdrop delivery.

Step Number 1

Lots of loose items.

We use green delivery crates that can be reused thousands of times which allows us to deliver single loose items without packaging. Herbs and salads will arrive in plastic bags (we don't like it either but have yet to find a non-plastic material which keeps them fresh).

Step Number 2

Compostable materials.

Weighted fruit and veg will arrive in a brown paper bag if it’s under 500 grams and fully home compostable bags or nets for heavier items.

Step Number 3

Plastic free convenience foods.

Glass jars for breakfast items can be recycled at home or returned to a Farmdropper. The paper trays for lunch and supper can be recycled and compostable films go in your food waste bin or general waste.

Step Number 4

Re-usable glass bottles.

Milk in glass bottles from Ivy House and M*lkman can be returned to a Farmdropper in your next delivery. We will then return it to the producer for redelivery.

Step Number 5

Plastic-free fresh sourdough and pastry.

It looks like plastic. Keeps bread fresh like plastic. But it is in fact wood pulp made from certified renewable forestry. Used for all breads and pastries from Bread Bread Bakery Brixton. Delicious.

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