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Daily Dose Juices

Daily Dose Juices

Our small but skilled team of expert juicers hand pick the fruit and vegetables twice a week in New Covent Garden Market, hand juice the ingredients, and hand pour the juices into the bottles, ensuring quality control at every step of the way Where we can, we buy British produce (as long as it is in season), and we use weathered fruit which isn’t considered to be ‘pretty’ enough for supermarkets so would otherwise get thrown away! What makes our juice different and better than other juices out there? Firstly, we use a method of juicing called cold pressed which enables the fruit and veg we use to retain the maximum goodness possible. There are 2 main ways to make juice; cold pressing and centrifugal. Without going into too much detail, a centrifugal juicer uses a blade to slice up the fruit and veg and, at the same time, spins it extremely fast. The sheer speed of this extracts the juice from the food, much like how a washing machine gets excess water out of clothes. There are a couple of major problems with centrifugal juicing – the blade doesn’t manage to slice the food in a way so that all of the precious nutrients are sufficiently extracted. This spinning also causes oxidation of the food which results in the loss of many of the fruit’s enzymes, one of the main benefits of drinking juice! Our juicer has a large flat blade that finely grates the fruit and veg, which then drops into a bag. It has a hydraulic press which exerts 9.5 tonnes of pressure on to the bag from both sides, squeezing out every last drop of juice. Because no extra heat or oxygen is used in our process, absolutely no nutrients are lost in the health of traditional pasteurisation!

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Daily Dose Juices

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