Beatnik Billy Sweet Cider


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  • Plastic-free


  • ABV: 5.5% ABV

This is a sweet cider with a powerful fruity character, ensured by using only 100% apple juice in every batch.

Worley's Cider says

Light and low-ABV, with bags of fruit and mellow balanced sharpness. The freshly pressed golden cider apple juice is run into vessels and allowed to slowly ferment under the action of natural yeasts in a cool, dark barn before racking off and maturing for several months.

Meet Worley's Cider


We first made cider as a bit of fun for ourselves and our friends. Now here we are nearly a decade later and we're still having fun but we're making a lot more cider! Our first experience of making was when we bought 50 gallons of juice off the farm press from the iconic Roger Wilkins in Mudgely, Somerset. We made the mistake of adding in a bit of sugar and ended up with 10.5% cider. It was lethal and one of the neighbours spent a few hours in a ditch as a result of downing a couple of pints. Lesson learned, we began to find our own fruit in various small Somerset orchards and gradually started to master the mysterious arts of fruit selection and fermentation. A few years ago we decided if wanted to carry on making cider we'd need the cider to start making a contribution to its upkeep. So we gradually started selling a bit. Now we're making over 30,000 litres a year and don't have time to have proper jobs any more!

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